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Welcome!                     Mini-Rex in Northern Illinois       


I Saw my first Mini-Rex at a table show here in Illinois after they were first accepted.  Being like most people I liked to walk around to see what everybody had brought with them to show for the day.


            KC's Iron Horse (Black Foundation Herd Buck)

     KC's Iron Horse is in the background of almost all of my Blacks he earned 4 legs toward his championship...however I did not get him registered before he passed away as an old man...the picture is not a very good one of him and I wish I had a better one.

I was with my friend "Bev" and she was off talking to someone she knew, well I ran across these little rabbits that a lady had for sale - they were advertized as "Mini Rex".  I had read about them now here they were for me to see.  I went to get my friend to see these little rabbits, and when I told her what they were she told me she had already seen the "so-called" Mini Rex and didn't like the N-Dwarf cross that they had come from.  Well I begged her to come see these animals and that she would be glad she did.  It took some doing but when we got to where the bunnies were she took one look at them and told me "those are baby Rex's - not Mini Rex".  Well I introduced her to the woman who owned the rabbits it turned out she knew the lady from when they both had showed Horses.  They got to talking about how she started her line.  Well this lady "Diane" invited us back to her house to see her bunnies.  Needless to say that when we left to go home we each went home with bunnies to start out with. 

Over the years I have had many different Breeds of Rabbits in my barn - but the Mini Rex will always be in my barn!


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